Immersive experience design in MR/AR/VR for games, films, art pieces and installations. Specializing in mixed reality experiences and events.
[uNREAL ENGINE Design & Development]
Unreal Engine interaction design and development with Blueprints. Experience in animation graph, materials, game mechanics, Niagara particles & VFXs, and multiplayer.
End-to-end game design, including research, concept mapping, wireframing, storyboarding, level design, UI, documentation, rapid prototyping and playtesting.
[Visual Development & 3d World building]
3D world building and concepting in game engines, specializing in stylized design and assets. Skills include landscaping, lighting, and compositing, with a focus on natural environments.  


♾️ Emergent Collaboration
An environment of transparent collaboration, exchange and nourishment is key to creating exceptional projects. I recognize the work as an extension of the people who create it, and I am committed to taking the time to build our relationship to reflect that.

🌟 Impact and Purpose Driven
Impactful projects are driven by the stories they tell and values they share rather than by the technology. I am committed to aligning with the purpose and mission driven goals of clients.

💗 Love and Logistics
Intuition and an open mind guides creative decisions that allow us to move our audience, while strategic planning and transparency delivers a successful project. I promise to provide compassion and care, while executing with thoughtfulness and precision.


I’m excited about all the collaborative possibilities that 2024 holds, and how we can serve together through our creativity. I’m currently available for new projects, collaborations, clients, and commissions.

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